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The asset allocation of my portfolio is divided into two types of stocks: core & growth. The core portfolio is built with strong & stable stocks meeting all my requirements. The second part is called the dividend growth stock addition where I may ignore some of my investing rules because I believe there is an opportunity The dividend portfolio spreadsheet auto calculates the stock price, dividend yield, dividend yield on cost, total position value, total return, portfolio weight and estimated annual dividend income. All you have to do is enter your ticker symbol, shares owned and purchase price and it will do everything else for you TrackYourDividends.com makes it easy to track your Canadian and US dividend income in one easy to use interface. Track your dividend income Our system makes it easy to securely track the performance of your dividend portfolio, your total weighted yield, and your yield on cost My Dividend Portfolio: January 2021 Update - 100 Holdings, 50 Buys, 1 Sell. I am working as a Business Analyst and Data Engineer in Germany and have started to build up a portfolio focused on. A dividend growth portfolio is the sole way to maximize your total return over the long-term. By building a dividend growth portfolio, you increase your income without doing anything. A company continues to increase their earnings, which in turn they reward shareholders more

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No dividend. Not for my portfolio. Recommended replacement: Microsoft. H&R Block. The company does not look like it is going to raise its dividend this year. Usually it raises its dividend in Q1, but Q1 has come and gone with no increase. Personally, I find tax preparation companies to be vultures. Their industry shouldn't exist In my case, my portfolio is over $300,000 and the current yield is 4.11%. This portorfolio would generate over $12000 in dividends per year . From the table below, you can see the amount you would need to invest in order to get $12000/year or $1000/month Hi Fellow dividend investors, I would like to keep the tradition alive with yet another monthly update from my dividend portfolio. What a month this has been, since I am breaking my previous dividend record with more than $80. The previous record was $405, and this month I have received $488, getting so close to milestone of $500 in a mont Monthly update on my Portfolio percentage breakdown and dividends received (if any). Been busy lately, but here's my belated May 2021 portfolio & dividend update. My portfolio listed here consists purely of equities and cryptocurrencies only, and excludes social security (CPF & SRS), debt instrument holdings (i.e. bonds & SSBs etc), emergency funds, as well as personal savings My Dividend Growth Portfolio. It might not be the best performing portfolio in the world, but it's nicely humming along towards my ultimate goal: financial freedom. Bonus. You will also get access to the last 20 years of European Dividend Data which I have collected thus far about the 30 Noble members

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  1. The Ultimate Dividend Portfolio Tracker. After hours and hours of tweaking and fiddling, here it is: **NOTE** This isn't my full portfolio. These are just a few transactions to show you what the tracker looks like and how it works
  2. 3 = Decent dividend - Don't expect much more than a 3-5% annual dividend growth. 2 = Dividend is safe but - Not likely to increase this year. 1= Dividend Trash - It has been cut or is likely to be cut soon. When reviewing your portfolio, you can easily rate all your holdings using a similar methodology
  3. My hope is to become financially independent from the dividend income my portfolio can generate. The dividend growth stocks are selected using a simple but yet effective stock selection process which leverages the Chowder Rule as growth marker. One of my rules is to hold 40 or fewer stocks in my portfolio to ensure I can stay on top of my holdings
  4. Welcome to our Dividend Portfolio page! This is the page where our hard work, SAVING and investing comes to fruition.We share every detail about our finances on our website. From the dividend stock purchases we make to our favorite frugal meal (which costs less than $.25 per meal by the way), we lay everything out there for our readers. This page is no different
  5. d: Sectors that could perform well in 2021. Sectors to remain cautious of in 2021

Your portfolio is lacking good consumer staples. Google. No dividend. Not for my portfolio. Recommended replacement: Microsoft. H&R Block. The company does not look like it is going to raise its dividend this year. Usually it raises its dividend in Q1, but Q1 has come and gone with no increase My plan to invest $77,000 in 2020. Buy $25,000 worth of dividend aristocrat stocks on the first trading day in 2020 (i.e. frontload).. Auto-invest an additional $1,000 each week (i.e. dollar-cost average over 52 weeks). Totaling, $26,000 for the first week ($25K initial deposit + $1K for the week) Dividend-paying stocks have a very predictable payout timeline, making them a welcome addition to any well-rounded investment portfolio. Stocks pay dividends monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually, giving investors plenty of opportunity to earn predictable income The math on that dividend income is pretty simple: your $35,000 a year breaks out to just under $3,000 per month. To get that amount from your monthly dividend portfolio, you'll need a dividend.

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Check out my European and US Dividend growth portfolio and charts that show how long it will take me to reach Financial Freedo Thus, your portfolio should not only have dividend stocks. You should also include compounders and perhaps one other asset class outside stocks. However, a specific percentage can only be determined by knowing your investment goals and risk tolerance. It is also important to diversify your portfolio in more than just investing in one stock Why I love dividends My portfolio will be working for me. Income just happens. This approach helps me psychologically for a buy and hold approach regardless of what the stock market does including 20% or 30% declines.; I can reinvest the dividends and distributions paid (which I do) to buy more shares or ETF units, commission-free, without paying any money management fees to do so The first workbook of my dividend spreadsheet also provides a nice graph showing how diversified your investments are. I'm using ten basic sectors, which you can also change to your liking. The table on the right takes the data from the large portfolio table in te middle and aggregates the numbers based on the information entered in column D My dividend growth investment strategy involves investing monthly in dividend growth companies to reach F.I. within the next ten years. Typically, I look for companies that are already in my portfolio at a price I deem to be fair using a variation of DCF, DCM, and P.E. ratios.. Since the pandemic, the market has recovered at an impressive rate which is excellent news for Value and Growth.

My Dividend Investing Portfolio. After index investing, my next favorite investing strategy is Dividend Investing. You can read about it a lot over here. In this article I wanted to give details on my dividend portfolio. I divide my stocks into various sectors. Although, I do not have any target percentages for any sector My strategy for this portfolio is to invest in stocks with good track records of dividend growth. In this portfolio, I plan to minimize trading and focus on dividend income. I'll update this article every quarter so we can see how our dividend portfolio is doing compared to VIG (Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF) I prefer to keep a dividend portfolio in individual stocks rather than in index funds. There are plenty of index funds in my other retirement vehicles. I like having the various dividends pour in over time. I feel much more hands on watching the various stocks go up and down and dang it, it is just more exciting this way

How I Built My Dividend Portfolio. My criteria for picking companies has slowly evolved over the years. It's not perfect, I don't think any system ever is, but it has worked for me. The first filter is that they must be a well-known household brand or be a Dividend King or Dividend Aristocrat Of course, the monthly dividend income reports will always be posted on time. I still haven't closed on the condo yet. More delays due to COVID-19. I'm hoping August is the month I close, but I'm not holding my breath. I anticipate needing more money for the down payment, but I don't plan on touching my dividend portfolio anymore I rebalance my portfolio by buying assets, not selling. I'll touch on rebalancing a bit in my next dividend income update. I've modeled my Canadian stock portfolio after iShares XIU and XEI ETFs. Inside my TFSA I have a bias to holding more Canadian REITs. I have the same rule there, <10% for any one asset. Thanks for reading. Repl

Dividend Growth Portfolio. Our goal for investing in Dividend Growth Stocks is once day the dividends can cover my expenses. The focus is only investing stocks that have a history of paying and increasing dividend regularly. Currently, we are holding our dividend growth stocks in 3 different accounts: RRSPs , TFSAs and Taxable Accounts Q1 2021 Update: The biggest surprise in my stock portfolio. Pembina was bought with the idea of providing a strong dividend position in my account. I also purchased it because of its cheapness and belief in the resurgence of the fuel sector. And so it did. In 3 months (purchase date December 23, 2020) the company is up 25%

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Those represent my core dividend payers but they do not have to be the only stocks. The filter in the page is fixed but I found a couple of stocks outside with a lower Chowder Score that still attracted me. In the end, it's not the individual stock's ability to keep up with inflation that is important but the overall portfolio dividend growth How I Added Dividend Stocks to My Portfolio, Part 1. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure statement for more info. March 27, 2020 By ESI 27 Comments. Warning: I need to put this upfront just to be 100% clear to all readers Dividend Portfolio My wife and I started our path as Dividend Growth Investors back in 2009. We follow quite a consequent Buy and Hold Strategy and want to hold our stocks for decades, collect the growing dividends and keep (re-)investing

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Determine the dividend payable date for each stock. Select the stocks for your monthly dividend portfolio. Purchase the stocks you have selected. Smooth your monthly dividends with smart dividend reinvestment. Now, let's discuss each of these steps so you can build a diversified dividend stock portfolio for regular income After introducing myself, I now want to present my dividend growth portfolio. It will give you an idea of how I manage my portfolio and will definitely give you another vision of dividend growth investing as I don't exactly follow the classic dividend investing model Follow My Dividend Stock Portfolio. This portfolio is no longer being updated as of July 28, 2020. Dividend Investment Update (8 June 2020) 16:01 Dividend Investment Update (17 June 2020) 9:20 Dividend Investment Update (22 June 2020. My portfolio on Luno can be found hERE. My portfolio on Binance can be found hERE. Why Bitcoin? I've been monitoring cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin on and off for a few years now and I have my reasons for investing in it. My first venture into cryptocurrency was back in December 2018. I invested USD 288 (or approximately RM1,256) back then In my Dividend Growth Portfolio (DGP), I reinvest dividends once per month. I don't drip my dividends. Instead, I let them accumulate in cash, then in the middle of each month, I pick out a nice addition for my portfolio. Since my last reinvestment in April, incoming dividends accumulated to $623. So on Tuesday, May 18, I went shopping

My portfolio is not one size fits all and should be looked as an dividend growth investing example that fits my investing strategy. It is not to show which stocks to buy or not buy, but to show how my current holdings are progressing and my journey is unfolding Hello Your portfolio is overweight on rates and energy stocks, why do not you add any Canadian banks and insurance stocks, Canadian banks are the best dividend stocks in my opinion, they are safest companies their earnings grow year by year and their dividends are increasing also. energy stocks are dependant on oil price and can cut or remove their dividends for any reason related to oil prices

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  1. My Freedom Fund. Updated as at 31 December 2020. I'll be updating this page quarterly with the table showing dividend growth starting from 2015
  2. Pro: Dividend ETFs almost always have lower expense ratios than their mutual fund counterparts. There are several dividend ETFs that have annual expense ratios below 0.1%. Most dividend mutual funds would have a fee of 1% or more (which amounts of $1,000 of annual fees on a $100,000 portfolio)
  3. d, this portfolio is not a back-test, model, or hypothetical portfolio. It's real. And as a conservative dividend growth investor, I intend to maintain my focus on running a well-rounded stock portfolio that generates reliable.

My M1 Dividend Growth Investing Portfolio. When I started using M1, I wanted to have use the flexibility it allows to follow some strategies I don't normally follow. That's when the dividend aristocrats portfolio was born. I had done the research and found that the risk/return profile of the dividend aristocrats was something I liked My dividend income has grown by 33% (2018 dividend income vs. last twelve months) in the past three years. These calculations come from an account where I can't add new capital (it's coming. Say you buy 100 shares of a company for $10 each, and each share pays a $0.30 annual dividend. You would have invested $1,000, and over the course of a year receive $30 in dividend payments. That. Current Portfolio. While I disclose the FFJ Portfolio holdings on my site, the vast majority of my holdings are kept confidential. On January 31, 2018, my wife and I held shares in 52 companies. The top 10 companies comprised 52.753% of the market value of our holdings. The next top 10 holdings comprised 21.216% of our portfolio In my Dividend Growth Portfolio, I reinvest dividends every month.. I let dividends accumulate for 4-5 weeks, then pick out a nice addition for my portfolio. Sometimes I buy more of a stock that I already own, while other times I start an all-new position

My dividend portfolio is bruised - not broken. John Heinzl. Special to The Globe and Mail . Published September 4, 2020 Updated September 4, 2020 . For Subscribers. Published September 4, 2020 Those are TOP 5 Foundation stocks for ANY portfolio. You can be a beginner, current or experienced investor. These are dividend stocks that I continue to add to my portfolio on my road to financial freedom. Anytime I see undervaluation in one of stocks, I consider adding more to my current position, no doubt My situation is different, as I'm 5-7 years from retirement. Plan is to reinvest for the next 5-7 years, so hopefully there's a really nice income from these 7 years out when I switch them to income producing. But a recession is a great time to get blue chip dividend stocks in your portfolio. All in all, this is a perfectly timed article The latest Tweets from My Dividend Portfolio (@divdport). Tweeting about stocks in my modest dividend portfolio. NOT investment advice by any stretch of imaginatio

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Dividend Portfolio. May 16 at 11:42 AM ·. As indicated in my Payoff Car Loan Series post, I have determined to payoff my car loan. To that extent, I've decided to track my progress here to help keep me motivated and accountable. This is the first of such post Dividend Portfolio. We are almost getting towards the end of the year. I can't wait! 2020 has been crazy. But, while it's easy to focus on the negative, it's important to be thankful as well. There are many blessings in life, even in these dark times. I, for one, am thankful that I still have a job, that I am in relatively good health and that. For dividend stocks in my buy-and-hold portfolio, my criteria are simple. Dividend stocks should provide nice income with an attractive yield and safe growth of that income. Currently, the.

In my Dividend Growth Portfolio, I reinvest dividends every month. I let dividends accumulate for 4-5 weeks, then pick out a nice addition for my portfolio. Sometimes I buy more of a stock that I already own, while other times I start an all-new position. In the last month, incoming dividends have accumulated to $396 Best Canadian Dividend Stocks - Top 10. Here is my top 10 list of best Canadian dividend stocks. These picks are based on total growth - a combination of dividend growth and stock price appreciation. I also considered potential opportunities once the global COVID-19 pandemic is over My dividend income covers my expenses after saving aggressively, reinvesting dividends selectively, and letting the power of compounding do the heavy lifting for me. As a result, a frequent question I receive is to ask me about my dividend portfolio holdings My Dividend Portfolio showed a price gain of 12.28% for 2020. Add in the 3.43% dividend yield and the total return for the portfolio for the year was 15.71.% For the year the S&P 500 returned 16% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average returned 7%. Of course, the total return for the NASDAQ Composite of 40% for 2020 crushed all those other returns This next entry on my list of high-yield dividend stocks is another REIT. The post 7 of the Highest-Yielding Dividend Stocks for Your Portfolio appeared first on InvestorPlace

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Dividend Stocks Rock (DSR) follows the same dividend growth model I use to manage my own portfolio. I didn't come up with these investing rules out of the blue. Each rule has been written after these four years of trading dividend stocks, reading through many financial research publications and listening to top investors and portfolio managers' wisdom If you haven't read my post, Introduction to Dividend Empire, in summary my Dividend Empire portfolio is entirely for my children, their children and beyond. It is money and income that I will never touch. One of my favorite things to do is project how much the Dividend Empire portfolio will be worth when my children are older

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This portfolio is managed under my own strict interpretation of the dividend growth investing philosophy. **Updated 5/3/2021 The highest of high quality stocks have their Tickers bolded with Green and can only qualify for such ranking if they meet all 4 of these criteria: In the portfolio table below, Green Tickers signify what I consider Core, Yellow Tickers are supporting positions, and. I use dividend metrics to select stocks, but my goal is to generate the best return possible. Many classic buy and hold dividend investors will tell me the following when they look at my portfolio: Mike, your portfolio and returns are great, but your capital gain doesn't count. Capital gains don't exist until you cash it My non-registered portfolio closed this past Friday session at $124,793.07, my US portfolio at $4,448.21, my TFSA portfolio at $115,363.34 and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - at $57,143.00. My margin debt is at $48,096.95. My annual dividend income is now at $9.602, which makes an official average of $800 per month My Portfolio; My Dividends; About me; High Dividend Stock Tracker; My Trading Journey; Monday, May 31, 2021. May 2021 Portfolio This month May should be a bountiful dividend harvest but due to the covid19 situation, there's a shrink of almost 50% of my dividends received :( Well thats life and hopefully we can see better days ahead

$638.40 of ComfortDelGro dividend declared on 15 Feb (1.4cents/share), payout on 20 May Bought 178 shares of NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia Ex Japan Reit via POSB Invest Saver at $1.11 (Cost: $198.36) Mrs CDxD portfolio dividend portfolio Planning for retirement can be fun if you have a clear vision, know the steps you need to take to get there, and keep progress to ensure everything is going according to plan. On the other hand, planning for retirement could be scary and daunting if you haven't even thought about your plan to prepare, don't have your finances in order, or even do research on how to better.

Continue Reading 00:00 Intro 05:11 Broker Overview 11:01 Income Funds 17:35 ETFs 28:25 SPLIT Share Funds 35:26 REITs 41:56 Single Stocks 49:03 Portfolio Summary Passive Income Investing Strategy & Philosophy Playlist All You Need To Create Your Own Dividend Passive Income Investing Portfolio Ultimate Dividend Passive Income Investing Package. My Dividend Portfolio returned 26.79% in 2016. If you had bought the stocks in my Dividend Portfolio on December 31, 2015-or when I added them to this portfolio during 2016 in the cases of Coach (COH), Qualcomm (QCOM), VanEck Vectors Preferred Securities (excluding Financials) ETF (PFXF), and Kinder Morgan (KMI)-you would have seen at. The mandate to buy and hold the same assets (dividend paying stocks) for many years on end - stay passive and do not trade. With dividend investing I'm striving for stock price growth but also growing income for my retirement needs. Dividends paid from my portfolio can compound over time; paying out more dividends each month or quarter This page loads the latest update of my DivGro portfolio from an online spreadsheet. Loading may take a few seconds to complete depending on connection speed. To see the dividends collected so far this year, please visit my Dividends page. key: D DG Stocks in CCC List • E Dividend Stocks • F CEFs / ETFs • G Growth Stock

I have the majority of my net worth and assets in real estate, which produces good rental income, moderate cash flow and debt pay down. I do have RRSP and RESP portfolios (slightly over $500k) but would like to have a dedicated dividend portfolio and dividend stream to augment my rental income ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about The Rich - Dividend Portfolio. Download The Rich - Dividend Portfolio and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch My portfolio of stocks that pay dividends currently or have paid dividends in the past: Roth IRA Account - Activision/Blizzard (ATVI) - Apple (AAPL) - Chevron (CVX) - Clorox (CLX) - ConocoPhillips (COP) - ETRACS Monthly Pay 2x Leveraged Mortgage REIT (MORL) - Exxon Mobil (XOM) - Healthcare Properties REIT (HCP) - Johnson & Johnso In this piece, I will take you through the ins and outs of starting a dividend growth portfolio and why it is a highly rewarding approach. Starting a dividend growth portfolio could be your ticket to financial freedom. I started investing in my early 30s with little to no experience or guidance

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  1. Put your portfolio on firm footing with these dividend darlings. For crypto investors in search of stability with solid dividend stocks, Emerson Electric and Illinois Tool Works are worthy.
  2. Dividend Income Portfolio. First, I want to emphasize that this is an auxiliary portfolio that is entirely separate from my main retirement portfolio. This portfolio is meant to be a holding place for cash that I want to earn a little extra income on — so I zeroed in on Dividend Income Strategy
  3. This post was first posted on my blog: Jeffreyleezq.com It's the end of the month, so here's my March 2021 portfolio & dividend update. (: My portfolio listed here consists purely of equities only, and excludes social security (CPF & SRS), debt instrument holdings (i.e. bonds & SSBs etc), emergency funds, as well as personal savings
  4. Mr CDxD portfolio No. Counters No. of Shares 1 Fortune REIT (HK778) 17,000 2 HongKongLand USD 21,200 3 Frasers Centrepoint Trust 30,000..
  5. Since my early 20s, I also set out to build a dividend-stock portfolio that would help supplement our monthly income by paying out $1,000 a month within five years
  6. At first glance I gained $43,000 throughout the year. Even better, that is after subtracting $36,000 in spending and some depreciation on my Jeep. In other words my portfolio generated about $84,000 in gains or $7,000 a month

On August 5th, 2009, I reach my goal, which was to have 50 000$ in investment assets. My larger goal is to reach financial freedom and, if not retired early, at least live happily with my money and be able to reach my objectives. It all has to begin with a first 50 000$. My email, if you like to say hello: myfirst50000 (at) yahoo.c Subscribers to the D4L-Premium Services can see my holdings, along with the stock's percent of the portfolio, in the portfolio's dashboard. Presented below are are my Dividend Growth Stocks portfolio holdings. This is not a recommendation to buy these securities. I have classified some of the listed securities as hold, thus I am neither buying. Fool.com readers have clamored for coverage of some of the juiciest dividend stocks out there, and I'm here to deliver what I call the world's best dividend portfolio. I'll even back up my words. 3 Undervalued Holdings From My Portfolio. Investing in quality dividend growth stocks at favourable valuations is a great recipe for me to achieve my investing goals. I examined my own investment portfolio to see, which companies that I am already invested in are trading at favourable valuations today. Con tinue reading here >>> We came up with two versions of the dividend portfolio: One incudes tobacco stocks and yields about 6.4%, and the other one excludes them and yields 5.2%. Investing is not something we do just for a living, it is something we deeply love and care about (see our Soul in the Game manifesto); and thus we'll never offer a service or a product that we are not willing to consume ourselves

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  1. Access my portfolio of high-quality U.S. and Canadian dividend stocks. Real-time updates of when I buy or sell from this portfolio. Get best ideas of the top 3 dividend stocks from my watchlist. Updated each month. Learn Mor
  2. 1) Dividend.sg. A good website to track Singapore listed stocks dividend payouts is Dividend.sg.. If I am wondering if I have missed any of the dividends of my stocks (yeah sometimes I too lazy to remember, and wonder why got cash deposit in my bank account), I might drop by this website to check on the dividend payout dates and amount of the stocks I own
  3. As you can see, this post is a bit long overdue (sorry!). After many months of revising my own Google spreadsheet dividend portfolio template, I thought it might be a good idea to write a step by step guide on how I created a Google finance dividend spreadsheet portfolio for tracking my own dividend portfolio and dividend income
  4. Looks like you are well on your way. I have similar plans to use my dividend portfolio, other investments and a pension to retire in about 10 years. Good luck on your journey. Reply Delete. Replies. A Frugal Family's Journey May 29, 2015 at 7:54 PM. Thanks for the words of encouragement
  5. Dividend Income Portfolio Template for Apple Numbers. Easily track the performance of your stock portfolio in Apple Numbers. Click to toggle between the portfolio, transactions and sector breakdown sheets. How it works. This spreadsheet for the Apple Numbers app uses the STOCK function to retrieve stock information from the internet
  6. Thursday, May 6th the Board of Directors of Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. (AQN) announced a quarterly dividend increase of from $ 0.1551 to $ 0.1706 per share that's payable July 15, 2021 to holders of record June 30, 2021. This represents a 9.99% increase over the last quarterly dividend

I have around 20 stocks in my portfolio and the number of shares range from 1 to 70. For the past 8 to 10 quarters, I have not been receiving any dividends payments from any of the companies. All these companies are mid-caps or large-caps. I have not made any changes to my investor/account profile Apr 2021 Portfolio. This month my portfolio turned positive after a long while since Mar 2020. Let's hope the market can continue with its bull run. This month got some dividends from quite a few companies. I keep track of good SGX dividend stocks such as 10 years consistent SGX dividend stocks, REITs, Business Trusts, etc with real time. How To Build A Recession-Proof Portfolio With Dividend Growth Stocks By Mike McNeil of The Dividend Guy Blog Thursday, June 3, 2021 5:49 AM EDT You'll Learn. What type of investor you are and where to start. What's the first thing you should identify before putting money in an account..

You can purchase this Dividend Aristocrat at $90.88 per share and partake of the 3.13% dividend offer. Analysts covering National Bank see the price climbing a modest 4.8% to $95.21 in the next 12. May 4, 2020 - This blog is about long-term dividend growth investing. I am updating and sharing my portfolio each month

Norfolk Southern - An Interesting Entry To The RailroadThe New Southern Company - Southern Company (NYSE:SOCompass Minerals: Wide-Moat Company With High Dividend
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