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Supply chain sustainability is the management of environmental, social, and economic impacts - and the encouragement of good governance practices throughout the lifecycles of goods and services. End-to-end supply chain transparency is critical, whether un-housed across your own facilities or outsourced to trading partners Research Network. Sustainable Global Supply Chains. A large part of global value creation takes place in global supply chains. These are characterized by specialization of firms in multiple countries in distinct production stages and by their inter-firm relations Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) We define Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) as a set of managerial practices that include all of the following: Environmental impact as an imperative; Consideration of all stages across the entire value chain for each product; an Companies are more focused on sustainability than ever before. As the mounting effects of climate change continue to impact global supply chains, that focus will only continue to intensify. Today's supply chain professional plays a central role in developing and executing their company's sustainability programs

The aim is to create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows smoothly throughout the supply chain, or, as we prefer to call it, the supply network. It's an admirable idea, but it's been hard.. A sustainable supply chain is one that includes measures of profit and loss as well as social and environmental dimensions (Carter and Rogers 2008; Linton, Klassen, and Jayaraman 2007). Such a conceptualization has been referred to as the triple bottom line—financial, social, an This book is primarily intended to serve as a research-based textbook on sustainable supply chains for graduate programs in Business, Management, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Ecology, but it should also be of interest for researchers in the broader sustainable supply chain space, whether from the operations management and industrial engineering side or more from the industrial ecology and life-cycle assessment side RESEARCH FUND. Increasing collective understanding of outcomes associated with supply chain sustainability initiatives. Companies are increasingly using supply chain sustainability initiatives to eliminate environmentally-detrimental practices from their supply chains as they strive to achieve conservation and environmental sustainability outcomes Empirical research has exhibited power imbalance between global lead firms and local firms, poor working conditions (sweatshops), eroding decent employment, natural resource exploitation and environmental degradation, and lack of product and functional upgrading that increase value capture by input suppliers as potential threats to the sustainability of GVCs of manufacturing industries

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Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) can be described as complex network systems that involve diverse entities that manage the products from suppliers to customers and their associated returns, accounting for social, environmental and economic impacts (Barbosa-Póvoa, 2014) The MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics launched Sustainable Supply Chains in 2018 as an umbrella program that brings together our sustainability research, education, and outreach

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  1. strategies for sustainable supply chain can be based on sustainable products which usually demand the definition of life-cycle based standards implemented throughout the supply chain (Seuring and Muller, 2008; Simpson et al., 2007). The heavy-vehicle industry, as part of the automotive industry, sets up a product system tha
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  3. Most sustainable supply chain management research is empirical and little attention has been paid to reflecting upon how research is conducted in the field. Current research fails to make links with ideas of relationality, change and engagement proposed in broader sustainability research

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  1. Sustainable Supply Chains: A Research-Based Textbook on Operations and Strategy (Springer Series in Supply Chain Management) A Focus on Sustainable Supply Chains and Green Logistics (Emerald Gems) Jun 22, 2018 Dr. Muddassir Ahmed. More from my site
  2. Most of the previous research studies have ignored the social aspects of supply chain sustainability. Finally, the authors identified 13 key enablers of Industry 4.0 playing an important role in driving supply chain sustainability.,The strategies for Industry 4.0 should be refined and detailed to develop economic and social systems that can act flexibly to sudden changes in the system
  3. In 2007, supply chain sustainability emerged as a key research area at the center. In 2018, MIT CTL founded MIT Sustainable Supply Chains to respond to the continuing growth of supply chain sustainability as a business imperative fueled by the demands and requirements of consumers, governments, an
  4. A sustainable supply chain management is a vital business strategy that manages and supports the supply chain activities with regards to the social, economic, and environmental issues that will enhance the long-term economic goals of a

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  1. Nowadays, the integration of sustainability into supply chain management (SCM) is a key issue for ensuring corporate competitiveness in face of dynamic ecological and social environments. This paper reviews 185 journal publications of the last 20 years that formalize issues related to sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) in quantitative models
  2. The research domain of the position is at the intersection of Big Data and Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Central to the position is a close collaboration with industry, based on a relationship with a technology start-up providing Supplier Relationship Management SaaS software. Currently, the software collects data at the supplier level,.
  3. Link supply-chain sustainability goals to the global sustainability agenda Once companies know where their supply-chain issues are, they can set goals for lessening the resulting impact. Ideally, they will base their goals on scientists' recommendations for bringing various types of sustainability impact under thresholds that will maintain or improve human well-being
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  5. The Research Network Sustainable Global Supply Chains is a cooperative project led by four German research institutes. It brings together more than 70 leading international researchers to bundle and analyze existing knowledge within the field of sustainable global supply chains, initiate new research, and derive policy-relevant and evidence-based recommendations for political decision-makers.
  6. The aim of the research network is to contribute to the sustainability of global supply chains through research. It initiates new research, pools the expertise of leading scientists around the world and makes new findings accessible for political decision-makers and other stakeholders. The network is hosted by a consortium of the German Development Institute (DIE), the GIGA, the Kiel Institute.
  7. The Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation Incorporated researches and supports research to identify, assess and contribute to standards, metrics, best practices and emerging technologies aimed at furthering sustainability practices as they relate to domestic and global supply chain operations and sourcing

Thibault Gravier leads BSR's Supply Chain Sustainability practice, focusing on the development and implementation of sustainable sourcing strategies with companies, collaborative initiatives, and research for innovative approaches.. Thibault has more than 12 years of experience working with global organizations to dramatically improve the sourcing practices and sustainable impact of critical. Sustainable supply chains: Making value the priority 4 Expand the scope of sustainable supply chain initiatives to help you find more value 7 Prioritize sustainability strategies to help unlock value in the end-to-end supply chain 11 Create a well-aligned organization that can execute on your priorities 1 A new approach to sustainable supply chains. In the past, supply chains were linear, push-based, focussed on ad-hoc production and stocking. Systems that were not fully integrated across the value chain sometimes were reactive in nature. They are not the most sustainable option Sustainable supply chain management: theoretical literature overview. / Chkanikova, Olga. International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University, 2012. Research output: Working pape

Research shows the business case for supply chain sustainability is growing. While more companies expand their sustainability programs to include suppliers, they struggle with implementation. The UN Global Compact's 2013 Global Corporate Sustainability Report finds that companies are increasingly talking about supply chain sustainability and making solid progress on setting expectations for. SDU Centre for Sustainable Supply Chain Engineering . The centre is an interdisciplinary research unit. Research program in the centre has been developed in close collaboration with industry and contributes to the sustainable development within the focus area of manufacturing, industrial and supply chain engineering management Gartner's supply chain research equips leaders with insights delivered by our experienced advisors and informed by an unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research Scope. Sustainable Supply Chain Management will f ocus on the intersection of sustainable production, management and environmental development for society. Both research and practice should develop an efficient business system for the improvement of economic and environmental growth in a sustainable way

Module 1: Essentials of supply chain management Revisit basic supply chain principles, before expanding your perspective on the impact and influence of global supply chains. Module 2: Managing supply chains in a changing world Uncover the challenges that a Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world poses to supply chains, and the mitigating impact of a global perspective Building more sustainable, resilient supply chains can help the world emerge healthier from COVID-19. Sustainability certifications are a proven way to improve supply chains' economic and environmental performance. But buyers must share the burdens involved in making this shift alongside the farmers themselves Our Research. The Center for Transportation & Logistics has over 10 years of experience creating dynamic and practical sustainability solutions for the logistics sector. The Sustainable Logistics Initiative (SLI) engages in research with industry that aligns with the logistics sector's sustainability goals, CTL's core expertise and MIT's mission to train tomorrow's supply chain leaders

A sustainable supply chain is one that ensures lesser environmental impact, better assurance of human rights, and ethical work practices across its complete supply chain cycle — from product design and development to material selection, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, warehousing, and distribution to consumption, return and disposal Forrester Research has developed a framework for integrating sustainability into your supply chain, with a focus on four areas: Procurement: Most companies start sustainability programs by looking at energy and water procurement, and by procuring sustainable materials to use in their products Pagell, M. & Shevchenko, A. (2014), Why research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management should have no future, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 50(1), 44-55. Pedersen, E.R. & Andersen, M. (2006). Safeguarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Global Supply Chains: How Codes of Conduct are managed in Buyer-Supplier Relationships, Journal of Public Affairs, 6, p Our Approach. After the initial OA phase of identifying potential sustainability improvement and cost reduction opportunities throughout the supply chain, we then work with you to create a sustainability plan, implement your strategy and ensure the improvements are measurable and maintained over the long term.. You can expect us to: Run a thorough OA to map out the cost and sustainability risk.

Short food supply chains (SFSCs) are increasingly garnering attention in food systems research, owing to their rising popularity among consumers, producers and policy-makers in the last few decades. Written with the aim to identify research gaps for the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, this literature review provides a state of play of the definition and characterisation of. Steps to Supply Chain Sustainability Supply chain sustainability is increasingly recognized as a key component of corporate responsibility. Managing the social, environ-mental and economic impacts of supply chains, and combating corruption, makes good busi-ness sense as well as being the right thing to do Our proven methodology involves working closely with your people to identify and define your research goals. We can help you to map supply chains, measure and promote supply chain sustainability, assess and mitigate environmental and social risks, and build up a picture of the sourcing issues your business might face in years to come Hence, the new challenges for business managers are to design an efficient and effective supply chain network that will be resilient enough to bounce back from any disruption and that it should also be capable of following sustainability principles under a disruption state (Klemeš et al. 2020)

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We are involved in a number of research projects evaluating sustainability within agri-supply chains. As a result of our work, sustainability principles have achieved greater reach within the cut-flower industry, resulting in increased market access for Fairtrade flowers and locally produced flowers with low carbon footprints Keywords: Circular Economy, Circular Business Models, Sustainable Supply Chain, Circularity of Resources Important Note : All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements Collaboration is key, so we work with shippers, carriers and other supply chain partners to drive a transition to low carbon supply chains. Sustainability As environmental, social, labor and governance imperatives come into sharper focus, the business case (again) for putting sustainability at the core of a company's strategy The purpose of this research is to add to the sustainable supply chain management literature (SSCM) research agenda by incorporating the physical chain, and the (information and financial) support chains into supply chain design. This manuscript tackles issues of what the chains are designed for and how they are designed structurally

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Supply-chain sustainability is a business issue affecting an organization's supply chain or logistics network in terms of environmental, risk, and waste costs. There is a growing need for integrating environmentally sound choices into supply-chain management. Sustainability in the supply chain is increasingly seen among high-level executives as essential to deliver profitability and has. Determining a way to find out, and creating a policy based on how sustainable you want to be, is the essence of sustainable supply chain management. Simply put, you want to do business with people and businesses that do things the right way, and avoid altogether those who don't Press Release Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Market Growth, Emerging Trends and Future Opportunities Till 2027 | By Kenneth Research Published: March 8, 2021 at 4:22 a.m. E

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Sustainability is impacting the way companies operate in every industry across the globe. Yet our understanding of supply chain sustainability and its impact on enterprises is limited. The State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2020 Report aims to fill this information gap and to help inform what the future of supply chain sustainability might look like UN Global Compact rates supply chain practices as the biggest challenge to improving sustainable supply chains. Learn about the business impact and UN Global Compact's effort to make supply chain solutions sap.com - While sustainability is top of mind in most companies' mission or purpose statement, few have the visibility and processes in place across the supply Oxford Economics Sustainable Supply Chain Research | SAP News - Flipboar Sustainable supply chain management starts with being aware of your company's environmental, social and economic impact and, most importantly, making the necessary changes to lessen it. The process can involve everything from a warehouse's source of power to the transportation of goods and beyond supply chain sustainability efforts and to network and identify opportunities for EPA to share their leading practices and help build supplier capabilities. Provide information internally and externally to share the importance of considerin

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The business case for supply chain sustainability is growing as it is seen as vital to delivering long-term profitability. 93% of the world's 250 biggest companies report on sustainability. It is now a mandatory requirement for listed UK companies that have more than 500 employees to report on their sustainability objectives and performance against targets the supply chain is composed by a diversity of firms with higher heterogeneity and in general without trade alliances. These circumstances improve the complexity of this chain and difficult the study of the sector. The main object of this study is to analyse the sustainability of tourism supply chain through a case study research Therefore, this research tries to map the tea supply chain and identify the influencing factors and their performance on sustainable SCM in the tea supply chain in Sri Lanka. Importantly, early research suggests that mapping the tea supply chain represents a significant research gap not only in agri-supply chain but also supply networks in general This paper maps out different research strands using thematic analysis on the literature pertaining to large companies' efforts on social sustainability in their supply chains. The data corpus for this thematic analysis is a broad sample of the literature with articles from different journals and employing different research methodologies

To improve sustainability, materials manufacturers are welcoming new digital technologies and process innovations into their global supply chains. From palm oil to plastics, the global supply chains of many critical raw materials are evolving as consumers and manufacturers increasingly seek sustainable and renewable options During our research, we have found few companies that stand out from the pack in terms of their supply chain management and focus on sustainable business practices. In this section we are highlighting some of the best practices we have found and we recommend that they are being used across the industry, as applicable The University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Global Supply Chain Institute study describes six key practices: embracing sustainability as a major business driver, developing a culture of transparency, partnering with sustainable suppliers, ensuring traceability to enable transparency, finding your transparency sweet spot and employing outside auditing partners

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Now, however, resilience demands that companies are able to see what is happening everywhere in their supply chain and trace any item in it - from field to factory to customer (and beyond). And, as it happens, those same capabilities are also exactly what companies will need to integrate sustainability into their core supply chain design Abstract This paper argues for the use of Total Interpretive Structural Modeling (TISM) in sustainable supply chain management (SSCM). The literature has identified antecedents and drivers for the adoption of SSCM. However, there is relatively little research on methodological approaches and techniques that take into account the dynamic nature of SSCM and bridge the existing quantitative. Supply chain and logistics news. Dive Brief: Nearly half (49%) of all companies have corporate supply chain sustainability goals, but another 35% lack such objectives, according to the first annual State of Supply Chain Sustainability report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Transportation and Logistics, and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. Magazine Winter 2010 Big Idea: Leading Sustainable Organizations Research Feature 'Greening' Transportation in the Supply Chain. Even corporations with clear environmental aims fail to go the distance when it comes to their supply chains. But lessons from a small group of Fortune 500 companies can give them the direction they need Making sustainable supply chain a strategic priority. To act fast, but think long term, is a tough ask. Sustainability is therefore a strategic play, to be backed by investment and innovation, says Mike Landry, global supply chain service line leader at digital transformation experts Genpact

The Centre for Supply Chain Improvement is a centre of excellence for operations and supply chain management in advanced research and industry partnerships. Our work is led by industry needs and We know the importance of sustainable, lean and agile supply chains and internal operations to the growth of the economy and to service the daily. In the 1980s and 1990s, U.S. companies set aside much of their supply chains for outsourcing. Globalization, technology and the desire for profit made it possible to manufacture parts in one. Dr. Alexis Bateman, Research Scientist and Director of MIT Sustainable Supply Chains at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL), describes herself as she does many of her students - having fallen into supply chain. Now a convert to supply chain, she shares her enthusiasm, insights and advice to help other supply chain professionals grow their insights and expertise Although research is in our name and a core part of what we do, it is just one aspect of a mission and vision that includes knowledge enhancement with our broad portfolio of education offerings, access to emerging talent from the nation's leading supply chain institution, and the many benefits of partnering with CSCR Designing the right supply chain that meets the requirements of sustainable development is a significant challenge. Although there are a considerable number of studies on issues relating to sustainable supply chain design (SSCD) in terms of designing the practices, processes, and structures, they have rarely demonstrated how these components can be aligned to form an effective sustainable.

Download a PDF of Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains Using Emerging Technologies by the National Research Council for free Research from Cornell's New Conversations Project shows that despite 25 years of sustainability efforts through codes of conduct, factory auditing, and remediation, there has been little improvement overall in labor conditions in global supply chains This Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) project examined Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) associated with tropical forest conservation (SDG 15) and sustainable supply chain management (SDGs 2, 9 and 12) to scope the potential for sustainable supply chains between multinational buyers and tropical forest communities Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Market Growth, Emerging Trends and Future Opportunities Till 2027 | By Kenneth Research. Leonard Thomas — March 8, 2021 2:51 pm add comment. The report covers the forecast and analysis of the Sustainable Supply Chain Finance market on a global and regional level Sustainable Food Supply Chains: Planning, Design, and Control through Interdisciplinary Methodologies provides integrated and practicable solutions that aid planners and entrepreneurs in the design and optimization of food production-distribution systems and operations and drives change toward sustainable food ecosystems.. With synthesized coverage of the academic literature, this book.

Our research program includes research in the following areas: Operations, supply chain and logistics management, including supply chain strategy, value chain analysis, green procurement, waste management, humanitarian logistics, disaster management and supply chain risk management before, during and after COVID-19 pandemic; Emerging technology applications, including IoT, Blockchain, Cloud. abstract = Incorporating sustainability into the supply chain is becoming a key priority for many textile and apparel companies. For example, H&M, Patagonia, and The North Face have incorporated various approaches to enhance their levels of sustainable supply chain management The green smart supply chain is a phenomenon that has emerged as a result of the development of sustainable and smart business and information technology trends. Sustainable and green supply chains are an innovative phenomenon that uses information technology to improve the quality of activities in operating areas

As illustrated, sustainable supply chain practices do not need to be a reactive add-on. Used proactively, they can help reduce costs, mitigate risks, and maintain speed to market. Trends suggest companies across the entire supply chain must now internalize these value chain effects The post Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Market Top Manufactures Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Forecast to 2027 | By Kenneth Research appeared first on America News Hour. COMTEX_381766394. Building Sustainable Protein Supply Chains The FAIRR Initiative's global collaborative investor engagement on sustainable protein is the first to encourage the world's largest food companies to develop a global, evidence-based approach to diversify protein sources away from an over-reliance on animal proteins

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Platform 4 Supply Chain Transparency: Visualizing supply chains and production processes in more holistic and inclusive ways Using the Responsible Luxury Radar , companies can not only examine their current practices but can also look for future sustainability and advantage opportunities The new report Sustainable Drive, Sustainable Supply: Priorities to Improve the Electric Vehicle Battery Supply Chain identifies the following key challenges to ensuring battery supply chain sustainability through a multi-stakeholder approach, based on our outreach to experts in the field:. Lack of coordinated action, accountability, and access to information across the supply chain.

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